What is Seventh?

Seventh is the future of living, health, work and recreation. Here one can work harmoniously and passionately, live safely and pleasantly in tranquility and be healed quickly.

Imagine a large pyramid surrounded by 6 smaller pyramid-shaped buildings. In the large pyramid there is a room with 600 places for conferences where innovations can be introduced, such as alternative ways of building, energy use and treating the environment as well as innovations in health care and agriculture. Furthermore there are 60 luxurious apartments, 102 hotel rooms, 15.000 m2 of wellness and healthcare. Here it is possible to stay healthy, grow stronger, recover from external treatments and receive guidance in the process. In the six smaller pyramids there are 100 apartments and third-generation rooms, equipped with all kinds of comforts.

In building Seventh, the majority of materials are natural. Nature enters the building to enhance the experience. A lot of light, sustainable construction materials and new shapes of energy reduce the pollution. Moreover these generate enough energy to provide even the surrounding environment with energy. A few keywords are: ultra sustainable, the place where innovations are born and applied, buildings that produce energy, CO2 neutral, radiation-free environments, spaces that increase energy, authenticity, multiple target groups combined, service providers working together in co-creation, an environmental issue resolved, a personal approach, great service, strong partners working together in a completely new way, a place to increase health. In other words, the New Estate Seventh is an oasis in terms of quality of living (experience).

Seventh – an oasis

Interested? Would you like to help realize Seventh?

Hendrik van der Ham