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In these times of changing healthcare systems, a space is beginning to emerge for professionals who are educated in the traditional way but also have expertise in alternative methods. Everyone who works at Seventh adopts its philosophy and procedures on a voluntary basis, in order to increase the quality of the cooperation, products and services. Even job satisfaction increases. This approach creates a greater service-orientation and specifically more holistic perspectives and ways of acting. Beginning at the intake until the first scans and the resulting recommendations.

In our opinion people are not just healed, they can choose from a wide range of services corresponding to their own needs and desires. They are guided in the process of making their choice. Their need might already be visible or at least perceivable. The desire however is related to how one would like to eventually perform. What does the client want to achieve? What is the client’s challenge? The client is then encouraged to follow up the healing process by means of participation in conferences, training and coaching. In addition, one can make use of the wide spectrum of sports, wellness and other services at Seventh. The holistic approach (mainstream and alternative) ensures that one begins to understand the origin of complaints and ailments. Consequently advice for preventive healthcare can be provided.

Healing Environments are a trend in the healthcare sector. This assumes that people heal faster when they feel comfortable in a certain environment. The right environment has a positive effect on recovery, the well-being of people and in reducing stress. Moreover this prevents employees from getting ill from the building they work in. Characteristics of a healing environment are: a lot of (day) light, colours, views, entertainment and natural elements. A very important element at Seventh is the other way of building and the use of alternative materials. At Seventh within the pyramid shaped buildings there is no use of concrete or steel. Furthermore the air is -to a large extent- dynamically controlled. These new systems use outside air, instead of air conditioning systems that are difficult to control.

Although the emphasis of wellness still lies on healthy food and exercise, there is an increasing focus on body and mind. There are several notable developments within the wellness sector (gyms, saunas, solariums and spas): men are a growing target group, people prefer to relax closer to home, there is a large need for weather-independent relaxation opportunities and a growing demand for cures and treatments that last several days or even much longer.

At Seventh, rest and water are connected. Harmony between the inside and outside is of utmost importance. Water is the supporting and connecting element at Seventh. Water brings the change, through information and changed emphizes within how you live and focus after treatments at Seventh. Water tubes bring light and water inside to the Heart Room where it is energetically charged. This cleansed water is then ready to be tapped and consumed (in the pyramid shaped building). Another part of the water flows through the dome and columns towards the ‘Earth’ level, where it then runs through trenches towards the four entrances of each corner of the large pyramid-shaped building. Here it cascades down the leveled bamboo gutters towards the garden. Our increasingly stressful society creates a growing need for relaxation. Water relaxes. Part of the water will be bottled sold as the best drinking water in the world.

Awareness of the importance of a healthy and preventative lifestyle is on the rise. Preferably by means of a (luxurious) experience in a high-quality environment that meets our needs.
At Seventh the water, relaxation, connection, harmony as well as the geometric ratios create a nourishing experience of wellness.