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Recreation literally means to create again, in other words, to begin with an empty page. This implies being empty and stopping work for a while. Once you do this, there are plenty of activities for active or passive recreation at Seventh. Those who enjoy active recreation can go walking, do an water adventure, take a boat tour, dive personally / with a team or take a car from the car vaults and show off on a tour through nature / the country. For those who prefer passive recreation, there are cultural activities such as exhibitions, there is the experience of nature, energy, a tour to High Frequancy Heartroom and of course the possibility to prevent the experience of illness or heal from certain conditions.

There are several opportunities for sightseeing, because Seventh is a place worth seeing. The environment is characterized by recreational activities in nature, yet in close proximity to an urban environment and cultural heritage. And as mentioned earlier it has green and blue surroundings and various water elements. You can go for a stroll, walk along the yachts, eat in the restaurants or exercise inside the pyramid or around it. You are able to experience wellness in almost every way. It is also possible to rent equipment for recreational activities. At Seventh there are no cars that pollute the visual scenery. The parking facilities for recreation also retreat (mainly) for the living and health facilities (entirely) are located in a three-layered basement.

It is a fantastic area for a plenitude of activities and for respectfully practicing hobbies. Recreation is a very important element for health and quality of life elevation.