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Seventh offers a high standard of living which is supported by all of its features. In addition, the location of each apartment offers plenty of light which is ideal for each inhabitant. Whether your stay at Seventh is short or long-term, you will treasure the harmony. Seventh is characterized by a healthy construction, lots of green, natural air treatment and a broad spectrum of light and tranquility. Moreover, furnishings can be arranged according to everyone’s desires. This all speaks to the imagination.

In the large pyramid the variety ranges from three-bedroom apartments to studios. All of them are located around the atrium. One of the added values of Seventh is that the building is shaped to create a sense of calmness and alertness in people. Furthermore the living comfort is multifunctional. Residents can use additional facilities such as health care and wellness. It is even possible to order food from one of the restaurants and be served in one’s private surroundings. Moreover residents can use various wellness facilities with their guests, use the car vaults, the yacht club facilities and even leave for other Islands with one of the ferries. What to think about the many possibilities for water adventure.

According to marketeers, Seventh is where the "new creative VVIP who gives back to nature" lives. A floating oasis of possibilities with a high standard of quality and services that can be used as desired.