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Health care is rapidly changing in Worldwide. There is growing demand for healthcare hotels combined with living units. Moreover, clients are increasingly discerning and there is a need for innovation in the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers are currently assessed for their quality, efficiency and pricing. If they do not innovate, they will lose market share and become threatened in their (independent) existence. Healthcare providers need to make a shift towards social entrepreneurship. Guidelines for this development are demand-orientation, quality and employee satisfaction. Seventh provides an attractive alternative in this scenario, as it offers additional services for healthcare providers. In many ways the healthcare industry is now approaching people and their needs more directly. Consumers meanwhile prefer their healthcare services closer to home or in several cases at a second home or a place where they can comfortably stay for a longer period of time. This will be as in former days one would go on a health retreat. Seventh Health Retreat is back.

Seventh goes beyond concept ‘HOOD’ (healthcare providers that jointly offer their services). It offers adequate knowledge and professionalism and even researches unexplained physical complaints. Moreover it is opened 24 hours a day. Due to the horizontal cooperation, if needed and possible even with various hospitals and other (worldwide) health centers, there is a probability Seventh will become an important referrer to appropriate healthcare providers. Next to a place for yearly check ups and guidiance for an "Elevated Resilient Heathy Body and Mind".

At Seventh there will be in the first place alternative care and an aim to keep people healthy. Private clinic for curative and elective health care is being developed. This clinic will for intance also offer treatments for anti-aging, diabetes, obesitas and general well-being. There are also plans to integrate research for cardiac disease in the service offer. Quality is key at Seventh, we rather grade the level of Care on a 7 Star Healthcare level, so you will find an area to experience ultimate relaxation and ultimate possibillity to elevate your Quality of Life to the highest levels .

Health care and Retreat will be accessible from the Earth Lobby to the level of all preventative treatments, close to the entrance of the Crystal Room or Heart Room, located at level 5,6 and 7.

The upper levels are treatment-oriented and offer recuperation spaces for short-term guests (total of 49 retreat rooms). A special highlight on this floor is the amount of daylight since pleasant surroundings are an important factor in healing (high-quality healing environment). One can also receive health checks, skin treatments and desired corrections here.

Clients learn to take responsibility for their own health during these treatments. People are guided here in traditional as well as alternative ways, in order to gain further insights into their health. Seventh is the place to be for 15 years of extra health, body wise and mentally, and bring full control over body & mind back to you, if you will come for a visit.