Seventh offers a wide range of services. Besides the general facilities, there is also a shopping service, that allows you to delegate (almost) any errand or other chores. It is also possible to hold meetings and video conferences. All comforts are provided for this. In addition you will find healthcare assistance to stay healthy, as well as advice on how to truly thrive. Furthermore there is an international secretary service and international school counseling. There are exhibition rooms, multipurpose meeting rooms and conference facilities, which all ensure that this is the place from where to change the world…

There is a pleasant hotel, wellness and fitness and there are multiple restaurants as well as stores that focus on nature and health. A local station moreover allows you to obtain (agricultural) products, or you can even assist in the organic farming yourself. There are various mobile work stations with plenty of light, a library, knowledge center, specialist laboratory and several exposition rooms (possibly a fruit museum), video rooms and a theater/ conference room.

Moreover, Seventh offers child care and there are places for learning. There is also room for workshops and relaxing yoga. If you live here, you can make use of the limousine service, the catering organisation or -upon request- be introduced to fellow residents as well as visitors, for instance to enjoy a meal together.

At Seventh there is always something to do and the activities and services complement each other. This ensures an ultimate living and working comfort. Moreover the various product- and service providers, the Seventh Partners, all work together and enhance each other by means of co-creation.

Seventh – oasis


Seventh offers a high standard of living which is supported by all of its features. In addition, the location of each apartment offers plenty of light.

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Health care is rapidly changing in The Netherlands. There is growing demand for healthcare hotels combined with living units.

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There is always work to be done and we need to be able to work from everywhere. This is the prevailing and ‘healthy’ work attitude of our times.

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Recreation literally means to create again, in other words, to begin with an empty page. This implies being empty and stopping work for a while.

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At Seventh, rest and water are connected. Harmony between the inside and outside is of utmost importance. Water is the supporting and connecting element at Seventh.

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We are at the beginning of the year 2019 and that means a new era. What does that imply? We all realize that everything is moving much faster.

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Food & Water

The saying “we have to be fed”, has received quite a different meaning in this age of fast food. “We have to be fed” now refers to the experience of being truly nourished.

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To experience nature we usually need to get out. In case you arrive at the car park however, you do not need to go outside. Seventh is an oasis.

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