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There is always work to be done and we need to be able to work from everywhere. This is the prevailing and ‘healthy’ work attitude of our times. At Seventh there are many opportunities to work and hold meetings.

Seventh’s philosophy is called ‘the other way of living’ and makes it easier to get work done. The effect of the geometrical shapes of the pyramid’s design make Seventh a rejuvenating and stress-free environment to work in. This will make you approach situations in a different way. Meetings will be held more effectively and faster, which is an important requirement nowadays. Moreover Seventh offers flexibility, a wide array of social networks and practical creativity, which we all need to work productively.

At Seventh people feel rejuvenated, recharged and energized. There are also various opportunities to connect with different kinds of people and Seventh is equipped with countless comforts. Furthermore there is plenty of space for all types of events, even conferences, which can be held in a room with 600 fixed chairs. And there are 8 ‘Butterfly Rooms’ for lectures and larger workshops (100 m2 each).

Seventh is a place where innovation is born. From a European point of view, this location can be compared to the former trading centers around the Eiffel tower in Paris. The international character, the exchange, the international secretary-service, the daycare, knowledge center and school… these are all aspects that enable men and women to have their hands free for a while, so that they can contribute to building tomorrow’s innovation.