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To experience nature we usually need to get out. In case you arrive at the car park however, you do not need to go outside. If you want to get closer to your own nature, you can achieve this in the upper area. This space is known as the Heaven Room and you can enjoy a crystal bath here. One level below you can have a sauna (even though this works less profoundly). If you wish, you can also go to the Loggias, the space between the inside and outside wall which is about 4 m wide and located on each floor. The windows open almost three quarters which makes these spaces seem like very large, open balconies. We call these spaces Loggias because of the degree of protection they provide. Fruits and vegetables are grown here too.

As you go downstairs, you arrive at the garden under the large pyramid where you can visit the water source or walk through the edible gardens. You can even help grow crops. If you proceed your walk, you will pass the golf course and arrive at the English and Dutch park area with historic fountains and a beautifully landscaped waterfall. In the garden near the herb garden you can drink an herbal tea at one of the follies.

Seventh is an oasis, also when it comes to experiencing nature.