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The saying “we have to be fed”, has received quite a different meaning in this age of fast food. “We have to be fed” now refers to the experience of being truly nourished.

Nowadays food is consumed as we check our social media to not miss anything. We need to return to the experience of sitting at the table with others. Enjoying a social exchange with delicious and well-catered food and drinks at business dinners or more private events. The experience of service is an important element as well. Often misunderstood, it essentially comes down to the person who is delivering the service being attuned to us, so that yes, our wishes get fulfilled.

In terms of wellness, the spiritual experience here lies in the act of eating. Love is an important ingredient and attention makes everything flow together.

At two of the entrances there are stalls where food can be consumed or picked up, from Indian to Italian to Dutch stew. In the three fixed restaurants, one of which can also host groups up to 25 persons, there are various ways of preparing food. Here you can eat well and be served, or make use of the food counter concept. And because Seventh is so worldly, on congress days there is a total offer of 20 food varieties and just as many places to eat at Seventh.

Seventh is an oasis, also when it comes to high-quality food.