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We are at the beginning of the year 2013 and that means a new era. What does that imply? We all realize that everything is moving much faster. There is a ‘condensing in time’, which means that there are many opportunities if we handle it the right way. We can learn from the people who dare to invest and set up unruly companies that really bring about change, while others are still moping about crises that started long ago. Many times before great works have been established in times that appeared to be under large pressure. So is the case with Seventh, built in a time of a worldwide financial crisis when many large building projects are on hold.

The acceleration of all processes puts people under time pressure and makes them react more intuitively. This phenomenon is put in motion at the beginning of each century. During the first 20 years of a new century, most innovations are discovered, to be further developed later on. Seventh is not just innovative on the outside, but internally as well. Primarily because waste is separated and degraded. But also because there is enough energy to supply even the surrounding buildings with energy. It has its own water source and cultivates its own fruits and vegetables. In this way, Seventh is an example of a place where innovations are being implemented and an excellent place for national and international tests and introductions.

The congress hall with six hundred seats was designed by a well-known expert who builds theatres all over the world. The acoustics are good and the room is multifunctional. Here, innovations are presented in the field of environment and energy, new ways of building, innovative health care and agriculture. Seventh is ‘the place to be’…