We have started to visualize dreams for others.

Watch the video, call +31(0)10 - 8201771 and ask for a team member from SEVENTH DREAM VISUALIZATION.

We are already finishing your home or office long before it is there.

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Seventh offers a high standard of living which is supported by all of its features. In addition, the location of each apartment offers plenty of light.

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Health care is rapidly changing in The Netherlands. There is growing demand for healthcare hotels combined with living units.

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There is always work to be done and we need to be able to work from everywhere. This is the prevailing and ‘healthy’ work attitude of our times.

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Recreation literally means to create again, in other words, to begin with an empty page. This implies being empty and stopping work for a while.

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At Seventh, rest and water are connected. Harmony between the inside and outside is of utmost importance. Water is the supporting and connecting element at Seventh.

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We are at the beginning of the year 2019 and that means a new era. What does that imply? We all realize that everything is moving much faster.

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The saying “we have to be fed”, has received quite a different meaning in this age of fast food. “We have to be fed” now refers to the experience of being truly nourished.

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To experience nature we usually need to get out. In case you arrive at the car park however, you do not need to go outside. Seventh is an oasis.

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The other way of living

A healthy society starts with healthy and balanced inhabitants.

If these residents can use their talents for the full 100%, they will be happier and produce more, which is favorable for the GDP of the Netherlands.

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